Known by many as the “World’s Best Closer”, Jimmy is a veteran and genius of human psychology. Over three decades as a sales leader across in the auto industry and dominating his competition by a landslide, Jimmy now combines his expertise and real-world knowledge to teach “wanna-be” sales masters to learn the art of closing.

No bullshit. No sugar coating. Simply world-class results.

He’s also the CEO of Sharker Industries, a motivational speaker, sales trainer, and author of the 7 Rules of Engagement. His approach is one of intense 0-100 enthusiasm that gets the fire under your ass and unleashes the “inner caveman”, ready to punch through any sales objection that comes your way.

The journey to success for Jimmy wasn’t an easy one. Since the very beginning, Jimmy had to roll up his sleeves and inch by inch crawl through the mud – dealing with constant rejection and setbacks. It was in these moments deep within the hot searing fire that really shaped Jimmy into the person he is today. Sure, he might have more scars than he can count, but it’s these scars that tell stories, and he has a lot of damn good stories to tell.

Zero Time For Fakeness & Bullshit

Jimmy’s approach is based on 100% honesty and tells it “As it is”. No sugar coating, no glimmer, only cold hard facts. For his prospects, it’s either a “take it or leave it” mentality. If the prospect doesn’t see the value that Jimmy has to offer, it’s their problem because Jimmy only offers the best and often sees what the prospect needs more than they do. At the same time, Jimmy is pleasant and always willing to go the extra mile for his students – if they’re willing to put in the work. It’s his “real” demeanor that makes him one of the most respected icons in the industry. In Jimmy’s reality, there is no time for haters, only dreamers with a sheer innate desire to win.

The internet is full of self-proclaimed “sales gurus” who claim they know what it takes to sell, but most of the time are frauds. When you peel back their layers and actually see what they’re teaching, it’s not backed by true in-field experience that’s applicable to the real world. For years, Jimmy has been practicing the art of the close. What he’s realized is it’s a fine balance between understanding buyer’s psychology on a deep reptilian level and the mindset of the seller. When done just right – the sale is yours.


Closer School