Close ‘Em

and Gross ‘Em

Triple you closing ratio
and increase gross profit

Jimmy Prater Car Dealer Closing Techniques are completely different than any other consultant or trainer in the industry. His unique style of closing is realistic that focuses on Closing “Time Now” and grossing each deal while maximizing the entire transaction using Jimmy’s Rules of Engagement Closing Process.
Stop blaming salespeople for your store’s poor performance. Give your sales staff what they really need and that is The Jimmy Praters Car Dealer Closing Training. Most dealers don’t understand how a closing process works they waste time & money learning word tracks or customized phone scripts from Powdered Sugar Trainers. Jimmy Prater’s Closing Process gives salespeople additional confidence to helps them close more deals. Increase your stores profits in 30 days just by implanting a realistic closing process. Start by having a conversation with us and Jimmy will enthusiastically help boost your dealerships closing ratio.
Jimmy doesn’t focus on Fixed Ops, F&I and Management issues. Instead, Jimmy gets right down to business which is the core of any car dealership and that is gouging the freaking eyeballs out of each customer. Nothing happens until something moves, so start moving by making the right decisions and incorporating a dynamic closing process. Most dealers think they have a good sales process however the reality is they don’t have one at all. They have what Jimmy refers to as a sales infrastructure process.
If you have any doubt, you are leaving money on the table than you are. Triple your closing ratio and increase your gross-per-copy by implementing Jimmy Prater’s closing process. Learn from the Best Closer in World Jimmy Prater.
Jimmy is skilled in closing car deals and doesn’t spread himself thin by pretending to be an industry expert in every portion of a dealership. Consultants that do are Powdered Trainers and would choke if they had to really close a car deal in live presence. If you are an expert in F&I than be that person, don’t try to sugarcoat others saying you know how to Close ‘Em & Gross ‘Em. Hire a legit Shark Closer to train your sales staff and put the Powdered Sugar Training shenanigans behind you. Inquire Here