An Environment Designed To Make You (And Your Team) Win

In an engaging seminar environment, you’ll get the latest intel of the badass closing secrets that Jimmy is using with record success rates – designed to ensure your sales success in the fastest way possible. It might seem like the gap between where you are now and becoming the top shark in your industry is far away, but rest assured you’ll be outselling the top sales reps in a matter of weeks. All you have to do is follow what Jimmy teaches and watch your numbers soar. The best part is it’s all done in a bite-sized format that’s simple, direct, and to the point for maximum retention. Within each seminar, you’ll learn:

  • Empowering mindset NLP
  • How to prospect for high paying clients
  • How to get your prospect to instantly trust you
  • How to get your prospects emotionally hooked so they listen to your every word
  • How to say the exact right thing, at the right time
  • How to close with maximum effectiveness
  • How to deal with any objection’s that prospects throw your way
  • How to follow-up and win the sale against any competition

Join The Brotherhood

Inside the seminar, you’ll also be joining a tribe of like-minded closers who want to see you win and reach your highest potential. When your tribe wins, you win. When you win, your tribe wins. Every shark has another shark’s back.

Upcoming Seminars

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